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What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a business owned collectively by its members who share in the benefits.  The co-op’s purpose is to supply its customers with a product, marketing assistance or services.

While cooperatives have much in common with other businesses, there are some differences.  Profits, which in our industry are known as “savings” (i.e. money left over each year after the costs of doing business are met), are returned to the customers.  At least 20% of these savings are returned in cash and the balance returned in stock certificates.  Stock certificates are retired with cash at a later date, depending upon the co-op’s policies and available funds.

Cooperatives operate on a one-member, one-vote policy.  Every common stockholder has an equal voice in the cooperative.

Vision Statement

A commitment to strengthen the economic well-being of our member owners.

Mission Statement

To anticipate and meet the petroleum, machinery, hardware, and related product and service needs of members and customers within the Mid-Columbia area.

Use information and quality goods and services to help the members and customers achieve their goals.

To be the preferred supplier of these products and services while striving to build and maintain a financially strong cooperative system.