Odell StoreHood River Supply has always had a presence in Odell, from our founders to store rental to a new store in 2005. Our commitment to serving the orchards, farms, vineyards, loggers, and upper valley businesses has always been a priority and we will continue to maintain a presence in the Odell area.

Originally Hood River Supply rented a building in 1994 to serve the region. For about 10 years Hood River Supply-Odell focused on the retail of the orchard chemicals, but due to low profit margins and regulations we decided to forgo those attempts and convert specifically to a retail branch.Odel Construction

In 2005, with the rental lease coming to an end, the board decided to build a new store; doubling the square footage and inventory. We broke ground on June 1st, 2005 and opened the doors October 14th, 2005 with only a two week down time. The store is run by 4 employees: manager, two cashiers, and one warehouse worker. In addition, our cycle counters and general manager share duties

Inventory/ServicesOdell Inventory 2

Most of the inventory is the same as the Hood River location, albeit a smaller selection.

Services include: Cutting and Fitting Hydrolic Hoses, Key Cutting, and Paint Matching & Mixing

Inventory differences: Odell has a selection of lumber and fencing board, along with the majority of our hay and straw stores.




Odell Store Grand Opening