Purina-PMI Nutrition-Red Flannel-Infinia-Exclusive

At Hood River Supply, we know how pet owners love their pets. That is why we have set such high standards for our line of PMI Nutrition® and Exclusive™ Brand Pet Foods. PMI Nutrition pet foods have been developed and proven through extensive research to exceed the recommended nutritional levels established for your pet. They have the quality ingredients and nutritional value you demand in a premium pet food at an affordable price.

PMI Nutrition® and Exclusive™ brands are offered strictly through select Professional Animal Feed Dealers who specialize in the care and feeding of dogs and cats. PMI Nutrition invests research and marketing funds into improved quality instead of national advertising. This allows Hood River Supply offer you superior nutritional diets at a lower cost. In addition, we supply all your animals additional needs; medication, dishes, treats, toys, grooming, collars, leashes, and more. If your needs include educational material we have a selection of books that will get you started.

Purina – Poultry

Whether you raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pheasants of other poultry at Hood River Supply we offer a line of poultry feeds to assure their proper growth and development. Our line of Purina nutrition poultry foods are specially formulated with the amount of protein and energy and fortified with the proper balance of vitamins and minerals for consistent performance. You can rest assured Hood River Supply will have the ideal poultry feed and products to provide your country flock with nutrition they need to stay healthy and productive.

Wild Bird Finch

Purina – Wild Bird

At Hood River Supply we pride ourselves in selling quality Wild Bird feeds. Purina nutrition has developed a complete line of wild bird foods to attract a variety of colorful birds to the backyard. The highest quality ingredients and latest techniques have been implemented to select, clean, process and package Purina Wild Bird Chow. Backed by 100 years of nutritional research, we assure you that quality and consistency are delivered in every package they produce. Each of the wild bird foods is formulated to appeal to a specific species or group of wild birds and the type of food you choose will affect the type of birds your attract. Stop buy and check us out for your wild bird foods needs.

Purina – Livestock (cattle, swine, horse, goat, sheep)

Whether raising horses, cows, hogs, pigs, goats or other livestock we here at Hood River Supply take pride selling high value feed products. Purina Mills Nutrition System is one of the industries most innovative and exacting quality assurance programs. Nutritionists play a critical role committed to research in developing the highest performing diets possible for all livestock. And this research allows Purina Mills to continue developing state-of-the-art nutritional products in a way no other feed company can. Their unique products using the highest quality ingredients that deliver the performance, health and happiness your livestock deserve.

Purina – Specialty

Ever wonder how Zoo’s feed all those different species of animals? Got fish? Deer and elk passing through your property? If there is an animal out there, chances are Purina Mills has developed a nutritional formula of feed for that species of animal. At Hood River Supply we stock blocks for elk, deer, and wild feed for water fowl, game birds, Koi, trout and bass. If you have a specialty animal at home or in the wild, call us at Hood River Supply, we will set you up with everything you need.

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