Drano Plumbing Supplies

Hood River Supply is your one-stop resource for tackling home plumbing projects or general maintenance. Our trained staff is here and willing to help the “Do-It-Yourself Plumber.”

From unclogging a toilet or sink, caulking a sink or tub, and replacing or repairing a sink sprayer to repairing a leaking water tank or faucet and dealing with noisy, burst, or frozen pipes, we’ll get you set up so you don’t have to return the second and third time.

Drano: Owned and operated by SC Johnson, drano is used to unclog and clean all your pipes, drains, and systems. Drano has a money back guarantee on many of their products. (Money-Back Forms)


DIY Plumbing: For additional information on how to tackle those tough projects, click here!

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