Wood Pellets

Hood River Supply is a stocking dealer in the Columbia River Gorge for three different quality wood pellet manufactures. Our local manufacture Bear Mountain Pellets have been known in the area as the #1 selling brand in the area. The pellet is made of Douglas fir. We also stock Bear Mountain fire starter, fire chips, Bear Bricks and BBQ Pellets. We sell our pellets and bricks at just about any quantity that you will need, from individual to tons. In addition, we will deliver to Hood River and surrounding areas. Between both stores we stock over 50 tons of Bear Mountain pellets at any given time.

Early Buy Special

We stock an ample supply of all three brands of wood pellets and sell by the individual bag or by the ton. Each summer we have a two month long Early Buy Special on pellets, which all you to purchase in the summer at special rates when the pellet market is slow. We are susceptible to market changes,raw material, and supply shortages but through smart planning and buying we wont leave you cold during the winter.

Seasonal Options (call for availability)

An alternative line of wood pellets is Hot Shots, manufactured by West Oregon Wood Products located in St. Helens Oregon. Hot Shots is an old brand that have been in Oregon for many years and also well known as a quality brand. The pellet is a mix of Fir, Hemlock and Hardwood. Dragon Mountain was the brand name for the past two seasons and has now changed this year to Okanagan; they are the same pellet as the Dragon Mountain just a different label on the bag. The pellet is made of Pine.

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