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Our History

Early History

In the early years of business, Hood River Supply Association had five employees including the manager.  Products and services provided by the cooperative were petroleum products, grower supplies, Ferguson tractors, implements and parts, new and used cars and parts, tires and tubes and a machinery shop.

Hood River Supply Association in the first couple of years served over 200 member/customers in Hood River, Wasco and Klickitat counties.  An average of 18 people were employed by Hood River Supply Association in the early 1990’s.

Products and services currently made available to Hood River Supply Association members are petroleum product sales and service, orchard machinery sales and service, agri-products fertilizer, hardware, feed, seed, paint, orchard supplies, lawn and garden power equipment and pellets.  Orchardists, farmers, urban homeowners, logging, construction and businesses of all types, government agencies, schools and segments of the local economy are now being served by Hood River Supply Association.

Hood River Supply Association’s currently serves customer/members that reside in the Mid-Columbia areas of Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Klickitat and Skamania counties. Hood River Supply has over 1500 members that are serviced through two retail outlets in the Heights of Hood River and in the John Weber Business Park in Odell by thirty employees.

Hood River Supply Association was formed as a result of the merger of Mt.  Hood Farmers Co-op and Hood River Grange Supply on January 3, 1949.  The first board of directors and manager of Hood River Supply Association were:

President: Earl Moore

Vice President: Ralph Perry

Secretary: M.S. Walton

Directors: R.E. Olson, Joe Goe, George Morell, Darrell Evans

Manager: C.H. Getchell