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Bulk Delivery

Bulk Petroleum

Our goal here at Hood River supply is to help you conduct business as professionally and cost-effectively as possible. We have developed a lasting relationship with partners that enable us to offer the most competitive prices for your bulk fuel delivery. Hood River Supply provides bulk fuel deliveries of all grades of diesel fuel, bio-diesel, gasoline, ethanol, and kerosene in full transport and tank wagon quantities. Our trucks are equipped with divided compartments so we can even deliver multiple products at one time. Our trucks and geographic reach allow us to provide quick and efficient delivery service and our courteous drivers are professionally trained and licensed to meet all state and federal regulations. Let Hood River Supply do the work to maintain and manage your fuel usage and purchasing. In addition, we supply, sell, and service fuel storage tanks, containment’s, pumps and meters. We offer standardized equipment as well as equipment custom-designed for your specific needs. Let Hood River Supply satisfy all your bulk fuel delivery needs.


Premium Unleaded
(OCT 92)

Regular Unleaded
E-10 (OCT 87)

ULSD #1 Stove

ULSD #2 Off-Road

ULSD #2 B5
Orchard/Heating (DYED)

ULSD #2 B5
Roadmaster (UNDYED)

* Minimum 100 gallons for delivery

We have 3 payment methods: charge accounts, cash, and check. If paid by check within 10 days there is a discount of 2.5 cents per gallon. 

*Some restrictions apply.*